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My 4th marathon was with a friend.SO much FUN!
Tips on marathoning and marathon pacing.

Sweet summer sunset

Dorena Lake ~ Cottage Grove, OR


Western States Endurance Run 100 mi trail race

Larisa Dannis , (Altra Zerodrop elite), finishing 2nd female on the Placer High track. 


Congratulations to our girl Larisa Dannis for an amazing performance at Western States 100! 2nd place with 18:29:20!  

I have those shoes! ☺   Altra intuition2.0

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Along Above - Andy Moe

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I am a mess! A hard hitting head cold has transformed me from racer to bed ridden invalid within 12 hours.

I started to feel sick before Saturday’s Pride 5k race. I woke up at 4am with a sore throat, but I took some first-sign vitamins. It then completely took over at brunch, my throat was…

Good cold remedy tips, and I thought I knew them all!

My grandma still makes candy out of orange and grapefruit peels. I wonder if those would kick a cold too ;)


smokey n sweet yam and chickpea burger (seasoned with: garlic salt, cayenne, paprika, honey, dried onion and a bit of cumin) with some local honey barbecue sauce, romaine and avocado. the flavors were way too good

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Hay and grapes.


Running the labyrinth at the Laurel Highlands Ultra.

Photo: Bryon Powell


Halfway point at Stack Rock- doing my best to beat that storm. #zerolimits


Final climb of The Rat Snake Trail Race in Gilbert Lake State Park, Laurens, New York. Hands down best Apres-run out there!
Photo:Keirsten Jennings


Krissy Moehl & Darcy Africa - Fastest known time on the Wonderland Trail

Want to cover the 93 wild and rugged miles of the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier in a fastest known time? It pays be prepared—and to have fast friends.

Darcy Africa and Krissy Moehl are longtime friends, training partners and veteran 100-mile competitors. It would be easy to say they’d paid their dues and would best the women’s supported record, but scoring a fastest known time is never easy.

The Wonderland Trail has around 48,000 feet of cumulative elevation change, with six notable climbs in the opening miles. Darcy and Krissy cruisied through the climbs—and their water supply—faster than intended. Hunting for good water sources forced them to give back some of the time they had gained. 

Starting out at 1:00 p.m. so they would run the most beautiful sections of trail in the light of the following day meant that darkness came quickly. Night miles often drag and are notorious for sapping psyche. Darcy and Krissy took turns pulling at the front through the night: whoever felt best would set the pace. “My stomach would tighten up and slow me down during the climbs. I didn’t want to eat. Darcy stayed strong on the climbs and it motivated me to keep pace rather than slip into walking.”

Motivation, a steady pace and excellent crew support put Darcy and Krissy ahead of their expectations by the time they were rolling through the closing miles to Longmire—well under the goal sub-24 hour mark. But sometimes the time warp of running in good company just makes things go better than expected.

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Photos: Fredrik Marmsater

Read Krissy’s recap of the run on her personal blog



The trail on up to Grays was still pretty snowy, even down low at 10,500-11,000’ at the TH. I couldn’t even see where the trail was in the beginning and missed it. Definitely one of the harder summits I’ve tried because of the conditions. My first 14er was Grays a few years ago, and it was a cake walk with no snow. I decided it was best to skip Torreys since it was warming up pretty fast and could have been sketchy on the way down from the looks of it. Not many people strictly on foot were going up it today. My descent was a bit sloppy, but had fun sliding down the mountain on my feet (and butt). Thinking I may need to go see what shape Bierstadt is in next week.

A snowy ascent up Grays Peak today…